Timen Plus for Men’s Health – Best Supplement For Male health In Pakistan 

Timen Plus supplement for men’s health contains several benefits to your body. It is a Food Supplement containing herbs that help to provide support for the general wellbeing of athletic and active men.

It contains popular male herbs like L Citrulline, L Arginine, Tribulus, and Avena Sativa extract; these herbs help improve men’s male reproductive system, men’s performance and strength, and provide muscle strength and recovery. It also contains vitamin B6, which supports a boost in energy and releases fatigue, tiredness and stress.  

1- Support For Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is when the male reproductive becomes physically inactive and cannot perform normal reproduction. The causes can vary from physical disorders to psychological issues.

Several methods are being used for treatments like supplementation, herbs extract, medical treatments etc. another term that people associate with erectile dysfunction is impotence, which generally occurs as a result of improper blood supply to the particular regions of the body leading to erectile dysfunction. Several herbs are used to improve the blood flow in the body to manage dysfunction.

Excessive masturbation, smoking, and alcohol consumption may lead to this problem. The dietary supplements which contain herbs like L arginine, Tribulus, Maca and ginseng are best in increasing blood flow and erectile dysfunction, providing a better blood flow throughout the body. 


2- Support For Healthy Active Lifestyle 

Timen Plus for Men’s Health also contains vitamin B6. It is also known as Pyridoxine, one of the eight B vitamins you need to stay active and healthy. This nutrient is an essential part of around 200 chemical reactions in your body and is necessary for processes like brain development and transferring oxygen through your bloodstream.

This vitamin helps to maintain a healthy immune and nervous system. In addition, it supports better blood circulation inside the body’s organs. Vitamin B6 helps balance a normal amount of amino acids in your blood; that is, Homocysteine which is one of 21 amino acids. 

Along with Blood circulation, it also helps chemical reactions to work better in the immune system. Eating vitamin B6-rich food helps your body protect against infections.  

It helps with Less morning sickness; studies have found that taking this vitamin helps with nausea during pregnancy; however, it does not help with vomiting. 

Vitamin B6 also helps with better mood, and your body needs vitamin B6 to produce and release the serotonin hormone that boosts your mood and makes you happy. Conversely, studies have shown that not taking enough vitamin B6 contributes to depression. 

Timen Plus Supplement is vital for men’s health as it has many benefits related to the reproductive system, erectile dysfunction, general wellbeing, strength and performance. It is also beneficial for your muscles to perform well in daily activities.

In addition, it boosts your mood, releases stress, and supports a healthy immune system and blood circulation throughout the body for all the major parts of your body to work well. It contains popular herbs that help with male strength and performance, muscle strength, stress fatigue and male fertility problems. Shop today

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