Tips To Optimize Male Fertility – Fertilex Men’s Health Support 

Bio factor’s Fertilex is a supplement prepared to provide maximum support to sustain men’s fertility and reproductive health. It contains 15+ essential nutrients, including Coenzyme Q10, that play an important role in producing healthy and quality sperm, sperm cell energy production, sperm motility, and protecting sperm cells against free radical damage. It includes Zinc and selenium, which help maintain reproductive health and sperm production. In addition, it provides antioxidant support to sperm DNA. Vitamin D, E, and C help boost the immune system while B6 and B12 support boost in metabolism, energy production and red blood cells (leukocytes). For the normal reproductive health of a man, it also includes ginseng, Maca and Lycopene Extract. Some tips to optimise your male reproductive system and men’s health:  

Eliminate Or Reduce Alcohol 

Alcohol damages fertility; drinking too much by a man can result in low levels of testosterone, a male sex hormone that supports a healthy reproductive system, muscle growth, heavier voice, and hair growth. Alcohol can reduce the production of sperm, so reducing or eliminating alcohol can make a big difference in sperm quality. 

Keep Body Temperature Regulated 

Spending too much time taking a hot water bath can affect your sperm production. Eliminate body temperature, especially around your scrotum, and you should avoid wearing tight-fitting pants and underwear and avoid using your laptop on your lap for a long period. 

Quit Smoking 

Smoking of any kind like cigarettes, E-cig, vapes, Sheesha, And marijuana can be harmful and counterproductive to a healthy conception. Smoking is directly linked with erectile dysfunction and impotence. In addition, Malee smokers can experience decreased sperm quality, lower sperm count, and abnormally shaped sperms. If you smoke, now is the time to stop smoking.  

Limit Stress 

stress is a part of every human life. But we can avoid stress by controlling our body’s response to stress, which can benefit sperm production. Get enough sleep, work out and exercise regularly, and do some meditation and yoga to avoid stressful situations. Not taking stress about your health can benefit you as stress about male fertility problems leads to anxiety in most men. 

Food & Diet 

Paying close attention to your diet and supplementation can be extremely beneficial. Consider taking high-fat dairy, seafood, processed meats, butter, coconut oil, red meat, etc. 

Great consumption of low mercury fish, organic poultry and a Mediterranean-style diet will help produce a healthy sperm count. 


Vitamin Supplementation with especially male focussed supplements and vitamins are encouraged to take. For example, zinc, folic acid, and Co-Enzyme Q10 can help protect the DNA quality inside the sperm. 

For men planning for pregnancy, vitamin supplementation like zinc, folic acid, L-arginine and L- carnitine can benefit healthy sperm production and vitality. On the other side, Testosterone boosters and anabolic supplements such as testosterone injections and gels can affect sperm production for longer periods. But these are best avoided and discontinued as soon as pregnancy is considered. 

With the help of Bio Factor’s Fertilex Men’s health support, men can achieve optimal fertility health. Read this blog and buy our amazing products.

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